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With a history of board coating spanning back over many decades, Black Clawson Ltd are able to offer a wide range of coaters for your On machine or Off machine board coating process.


The four main types of coater employed on paper machines tod ay that Black Clawson are able to supply range from:

  • Metering Rod / Mayer Bar Coater

  • Flexrod Coater

  • Air Knife Coater

  • Blade Coater (Bent or Rigid) with either Roll or Fountain applicator.


For a more detailed explanation of the Coaters available, their application and processes click the link below to download the Board Coating.pdf document.


Black Clawson are also able to offer the Thermoplanisher. A two nip gloss calendar with a polished heated roll. This is designed to impart gloss and smoothness to a previously coated or uncoated paper by the application of heat and pressure without an appreciable loss of bulk. For more information on the Thermoplanisher click the link below to download the Thermoplanisher.pdf document.


For further information or to request a quotation, please send your application details and requirements to Tony Maguire at Black Clawson Ltd.



Board Coating



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